An interpretation of the masters paintings.

Sarah_After_Vermeer ©Richard Bailey

Sarah Gordy is an actress who has played characters in television, radio and stage plays. Sarah transcends type casting in so many ways creating characters who are original and exceptional. Her body of work goes far beyond playing ‘characters who have Downs Syndrome’ and her wit and charm, plus a determination to get it right however complex the language is, make her a performer who can make the audience believe she is whoever she says she is. I would work with Sarah any time.”

Having heard about Sarah’s versatility as an actress I approached her to collaborate…

Glass negatives from the studio of Monsieur Louis of London.

In 1826 Nicéphore Niépce produced the first ever and earliest known surviving permanent photographic image called: ‘View from the window at Le Gras’.

A few years later Niépce partnered with Louis Daguerre to improve the process and after Niépce death in 1933 Daguerre went on to produce the first practical process for making photographs from a camera, which he modestly called the ‘daguerreotype’.

The daguerreotype was not perfect and by the 1850’s it had been usurped by ‘ambrotypes’ and ‘tintypes’ and from there it was but a quick jump to…


Ollie and Bryony ©Richard Bailey

A recent study conducted by Mencap found that one in three young people with a learning disability spent less than an hour outside their home on a typical Saturday.

Respondents to the survey listed fears including bullying, being laughed at and getting lost as being key concerns when leaving the house.

As a result, it can be difficult for people with learning disabilities to build relationships with others.

A little while ago I worked on a campaign with MENCAP where we travelled the UK photographing friends and talking to them…

The Good Year tyre factory, Wolverhampton. ©Richard Bailey

Over the years of travelling around the country for work, I had noticed that a lot of factories were being closed down and being replaced by shopping centres or housing estates. I wondered what all the factory workers went on to do. Did they get another job, were they happy in their new jobs, why did the factory close and what was happening to the old factories?

For instance, the Cadbury factory in Somerset. The US company Kraft came in and bought Cadbury with the promise that they would keep production at the site. …


A mennonite family in Paraguay ©Richard Bailey

A cloud of dust hid the the bus as it disappeared off into the distance. We looked to our right and then to our left.

Up a slight incline about a quarter mile off the road to the left, lay a farm owned by a farming family.

To the right, a half mile away or so, was a small village and the home of a Pastor.

Both sides were Mennonite, but one eschewed almost anything from the 20th century, no cars, tractors, electricity.

©Fiona Baile

A few years ago our good friend Carolina Giammetta wrote and directed a short film called ‘I Don’t Care’.

I Don’t Care……..

That sometimes you don’t make sense!

That you make a concentrating noise………

That you complain when I brush your hair!

That I’m constantly unpacking bags you’ve packed for no reason.

That you repeat yourself.

That you have Down syndrome!

I Do Care……..

That you do your best and enjoy life.

©Fiona Bailey

My wife Fiona’s work is an intimate glimpse into the life of our daughter Billie-Jo and takes the form of small-scale prints combined to form much larger bodies of work.

From Fiona’s position as mother and photographer she is following a contemporary trend in photography where the…

Stonehenge Winter Solstice 2019 ©Richard Bailey

Every year at the time of the Summer and Winter Solstice, Stonehenge ‘opens its doors’ to the general public, who are then allowed to walk within the circle to touch and honour the stones.

The ‘general public’ in this place and at this time, is a wonderfully eclectic, eccentric bunch of people!

We have, of course, the self styled druids and people dressed as druids, there are old school hippies, punks and Hare Krishna’s. …

I love Vermeer.

Who doesn’t love Vermeer?

About ten years ago I took some portraits of the actor Sarah Gordy based around a selection of Johannes Vermeer’s more famous paintings.

Of course I wasn’t inventing the wheel, many people had and have since emulated his work in a myriad of different ways.

I give you here a selection of the finest ‘After Vermeer’ photos.

Some are straight copies, but the ones I prefer are a nod in the direction of the original, they play with the idea and come up with their own unique version.

To start with I am…

The Shifting Perspectives podcast with Caitlin and Mark Trevor.

When was the last time you heard someone who has Down syndrome on a podcast? Possibly never…….the Shifting Perspectives podcast aims to change that.

In this episode I chat to a young lady called Caitlin who I first met back in 2006 when she was just three years old when I took her photograph for the DS2007 calendar.

I took her photograph again in 2011, on a very cold morning on Wormwood Scrubs as part of the DS Active campaign. …

Richard Bailey

Photographer, curator, writer, parent. Lover of life.

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